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A Newborn Person’s Guide to Early Parenting

A Newborn Person’s Guide to Early Parenting


1. I am a whole person – Even though I arrived in a very small and physically limited body, I’m in here. Relate to me with respect, kindness and gentleness. It feels so good.

2. I feel most relaxed when I feel physically and emotionally safe – In the early weeks, months and years, I feel safest when I can feel the people who love me nearby. You are my safe base.

3. I love to feel loved – Shower me with as much love and delight as you can possibly muster inside of you. There’s no such thing as too much love!

4. I’m working hard to understand what you are saying to me – Speak the verbal, physical, emotional, social, etc. languages you want me to learn. I’m listening and taking it all in and soon enough I will be speaking them back to you.

5. I am very sensitive – I’ve been inside of my mom for nine months. I’m thrilled to be out here experiencing this big beautiful world but I need you to realize that things are much more heightened and intense for me and I can get overwhelmed easily.

6. Be gentle and slow with transitions – It can be scary when things go too fast and can often leave me feeling feeling abandoned or invaded. I know that’s not your intention but sometimes that’s how it feels.

7. I love to play – Get in sync with me and follow my lead in this arena, I’m a master at the art of play.

8. I can’t verbally tell you how I am feeling – but I am showing you how I am feeling through my body motions, facial expressions and emotional communications.

9. It takes a village – My emotional needs are pretty big. I know you can’t do it all. And I don’t expect you to. It’s fun to be surrounded by lots of people who love me, who love us. I enjoy being with people who are relaxed and rested and if that means you having breaks and me being with other people who love me, please do it.

10. Make your life great – I feel safe and secure when you are feeling joyful. Taking time to take care of yourself benefits all of us. I promise.

The Sibling Dynamic

The Sibling Dynamic