Evolve Testimonials

I really never thought that we could have come this far in one year. Life became about living in love, living my dreams and learning how to respect myself, honor my boundaries and plan for my life. I really feel like I am finally on track for being the me I knew I always wanted to be. Thank you Carrie, Thank you Evolve. ~ Rosamund I.

My daily life is different because I am able to tap more easily into compassion for my children, my partner and myself. I have so much more appreciation for the small moments and feel my life is richer and more full of love. Also, when facing the tough stuff, thanks to the Evolve community, I know that I am not alone in my struggles and that I am not crazy for having them! ~ Rachel L.

I am much more fulfilled and nourished spiritually and physically and much kinder to those around me (less yelling, more hugging and much more present, delicious time together). I am feeling more spiritual and more aligned with my unique ISness, and feeling more boundaried and unflappable in a good way. Thank you! ~ Marina P.

My outlook has changed from one of gloom and doom to one of grace and appreciation. ~ Sera B.

I have less stress, less anxiety, more support and connection, and more ease when I tap into the greatness that is EVOLVE. Plain and simple. ~ Michelle N.

I am feeling much more balanced and connected in a deeper way with myself, my kids and my partner on a daily basis. ~ Molly M.

I find myself feeling more grateful for all I have and more able to share which cultivates even more goodness coming my way which enables me to share more which benefits every one I come in contact with which benefits me!DO IT! What do you have to lose? You’ll be so glad you did. The year is gonna pass anyway – no doubt about it. But with evolve, it’ll pass more delightfully, more abundantly, more dynamically, more connected than you ever could have imagined! ~ Lanell C.

Because of Evolve, I have this whole new heart-crafted basket of powerful, cutting edge tools that help me to live my life as fully and richly as I always knew I could, as a person, as a parent, and as a partner. Evolve has shifted the way I experience challenges and celebrations, from struggle and expectation to joy and intention. For me, Evolve is an ongoing journey of creating a new reality by accepting and loving the very essence of my actual reality. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving! ~ Jill A.

Gratitudes! Starting the day by listing things that I am thankful for changes the look of everything. It is my new favourite practice. The structure of the Evolve program makes it easy to make small changes over a year that lead to BIG changes in life. Worth every penny. ~ Beth R.

When I was looking at evolve I never found out enough about it — but the people I talked to had been transformed. Now I understand. You will evolve whether you plan to or not – this program helped me become the person, parent and partner that I want to be intentionally. ~ Kelli F.

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